Hair Loss and Hair Restoration

Hair Loss (Androgenic Alopecia) : Common Causes and Treatment

Hair loss is often distressing and can have a significant effect on the patient’s quality of life. Patients may present to their family physician first with diffuse or patchy hair loss. Scarring alopecia is best evaluated by a dermatologist. Nonscarring alopecias can be readily diagnosed and treated in the family physician’s office. Androgenetic alopecia can be diagnosed clinically and treated with many modality.
1. Diagnostic and Investication cause
2. Androgenic Alopecia : Treaments
2.1 Treatments with Minoxidil solutions,Finasteride or Dutasteride
2.2. Mesohair Therapy with phamaceutical solutiond or PRP
2.3. Laser Hair Therapy
2.4 Hair Trasplantation

Meso-hair with phamaceutical solutions 2,000.-THB./time 8,000.- / 5 times
Meso-Mouchtache 1,000.-THB./time 4,000.- / 5 times
Meso-Eyebrows 1,000.-THB./time 4,000.- / 5 times
Laser Hair 500.-THB./time 2,000.- / 5 times
Hair Stimulation Set 2,500-3,000 THB./Month
Meso-hair with PRP 4,000.-THB./time 16,000.- / 5 times
Eyebrow Lotion 590.-THB


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