Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser (Revlite laser )

Melasma or Freckles are usually caused by excess
production and/or clumping of the skin pigment melanin
with the appearance of darker brown or even black spots
on skin. Pigmented lesions can be classified either based
on location of pigment as epidermal and dermal. Melasma or Freckles is common caused by sun exposure or genetics. – Q-switched Nd:YAG nanosecond Lasers ,Revlite laser ,are good lasers for treating Brown spots/pigmentation spots due to their wavelengths of 532nm for epidermal hyperpigmentation and 1064nm for dermal hyperpigmentation . Revilae laser is suitable for all skin types


Meso-Brightening is a skin booster . It’s compounds mixture of whitenning agents. The injections will send the agents pass deep to dermis to inhibit melanin formation and make your skin to bright and cleary white . Meso-Brightening is more potent than whitenning cream 3-5 folds

Fractional RF Non-Needle(E-marix)

Fractional RF Non-Needle(E-marix) is workrd by utilizing RF sublation effect on minimal disruption of the epidermis (the outer skin layer).The melasma and freckles will better in 3-5 days after . E-marix is suitable for some skin types ,Be careful in darker skin .

Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser (Revlite laser ) 5,000.- 20,000.- / 5 times
Meso-Brightenning 3,000.- 12,000.- / 5 times
E-Matrix -Unlimited Shots 6,000.-THB/time 24,000.- / 5 times


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