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X Wave therapy for cellulite reduction

What is X -Wave ?

X Wave is the new US FDA approved non-invasive aesthetic device for reduction of cellulite using acoustic wave technology. Eight to ten sessions at weekly intervals give optimal results in most patients.
The acoustic waves used in X Wave break down the adhesive fibrous bands in the skin, which lead to the puckering and dimpling of cellulite. Thus X Wave treatments gradually improve visible cellulite.
Key highlights of the XWave technology include:
• Clinically tested with good results, leading to US FDA approval of the device
• Comfortable, painless, non-invasive treatment without any side effects or downtime
• Long lasting, visible results, and high satisfaction rates reported by patients worldwide
• XWave may be safely combined with Mesotherapy, to further improve cellulite.
The X-Wave treatment uses the laws of the Acoustic Waves Technology which has been scientifically verified for more than 30 years in several medical treatments.
• Oscillating acoustic waves induce vibration in connective tissue.
• The tissue relaxes and tightens. The firmness and elasticity of the dermis increases.
• Blood circulation and collagen production is significantly stimulated.
• Patients typically experience improvement in the skin’s texture and elasticity.

Excellent Results in:
• Anti-cellulite therapy
• Connective tissue tightening
• Skin rejuvenation and elasticity increase
• Appearance of stretch marks
• Minimazing unsightly scars
X-Wave Treatment Areas:
• Upper arms
• Love handles
• Abdomen
• Buttocks
• Thighs
Maximum Comfort for the Patient
• Painless application
• No special regimen required
• No side effects, no risks
• Long lasting visible results
• Excellent satisfaction rate reported by patients worldwide