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V Beam: Vascular laser for redness acne and abnormal capillaries ,rosacea

What is the V-Beam laser treatment all about?
This is a laser treatment that uses a built-in cooling cryogenic spray mist onto the skin to help decrease the mild discomfort associated with the treatment, and decrease the possibility of blister or scab formation.
This laser produces an intense but gentle burst of light that selectively destroys the blood vessels of spider veins, or other vascular lesions, without damaging the surrounding tissues, leaving them intact and allowing normal pigmentation to occur.
This treatment can improve the look and feel of most scars and stretch marks by stimulating collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin.

This is an USA-FDA accredited treatment procedure.
This has a remarkable level of safety and effectiveness
What are the indications for the V-Beam laser treatment?
1.Acne redness
2. Rosacea Redness on face (telangiectasia)
3. Red birth marks (hemangiomas), Port-wine stains)
5. Angiomas
6. Red stretch marks
7. Keloid scars
How many treatments are recommended to achieve optimum results?
For acne redness, multiple treatments every 2 weeks is the recommendation while other treatments may be given every 4-6 weeks.
-For angiomas, 1-2 treatments is the recommendation.
– For keloid, acne redness, and birth marks, 4-8 treatments is the recommendation
Contraindications of this procedure:
1.Darkly pigmented patients, as skin pigment will make laser less effective in decreasing blood vessels of vascular lesions
2. Lesions with blood vessel depth of more than 1.5mm

The Procedure:

This is a simple 5-20 minute procedure.
1 The face is properly cleansed.
2. The dermatologist will assess the patient’s pain tolerance and if required, he may apply some numbing cream to the area 40 minutes before the laser treatment is started.
3. The dermatologist directs the V-Beam laser towards the area in the patient’s face, where the lesion is located, keeping it still for several minutes.
4. After the procedure a slight redness may be noted so a mild moisturizing cream will be applied to the skin.
5. The patient is allowed to go home with special instructions.
Instructions for the patient after going through the V-Beam treatment procedure:
There may be a transient redness or a slight bruise noted on the treated area for about 2-4 hours or 1-7 days, depending on the treated area. There may also be a very mild pain likened to the sting of sunburn. The treated area is very delicate and should be handled with care.